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Samji Island (Cheomu Formation Battle)

When you create a character, you swear allegiance to a clan, and you must do everything you can to expand its power. This generally means joining the various clan battles constantly raging across the land. Samji Island is one such battlefield where clans wage a never-ending war against each other in order to occupy the Cheomu formation. Level 50-69 players can participate in the Cheomu Formation Battle. The clan which wins in Samji Island get the authority to hunt special items inside a cave in Samji Island called Jinmi Palace.

Entering Samji Island

You must enter Samji Island within 3 minutes after it opens. The map and co-ordinates of Samji Island for each clan are as follows:

Guanyin: Tanwak Forest 2508, 3298
Fujin: Nangun Peak 4782, 4571
Jinong: Gyochon Village 4744, 6470

Occupying Samji Island

Samji Island can be conquered by occupying the Cheomu formation which is located at the centre of the island. If a player is not killed and stands in the center of the formation for 5 minutes then he will have successfully opened the formation.

Benefits from occupying Cheomu Formation

1. All the players who are inside the Cheomu formation when it opens get 10% exp.
2. The clan which wins gets access to Jinmi Palace. Monsters in here can drop Tickets (Unique). If you use a ticket you will receive 100000 – 500000 silver randomly.

How long do you have control over Samji Island?

Samji Island closes down one hour after Cheomu Formation is conquered. All the players inside Samji Island and Jinmi Palace are transported back to their castle. Samji Island opens again in 15 minutes time.

Resetting Samji Island

The battle for Samji Island can be reset. In order to do this, eliminate the opposition and ask all your clan members to leave the island. If there is no one inside Samji Island for 5 minutes then the battle for Cheomu formation will be reset.

 By, Scarfac3 [Assistant Guild Master]GodsofSamji
Fujin (LvL 69), Weapon: Double Blades
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Samji Island
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