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 The Samji Island Story

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PostSubject: The Samji Island Story   Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:54 am

**This is a account of Samji since 12sky USA started on Aeriagames**

August 2007
This started it all!! Release of 12 sky
In this month every 1 wanted to see the game out so there were no actual sitters
But some people while leveling had felt that these are the wars they are gonna pwn some day. YAD,Dragonna,spermseeker,Valena,Insanity,Ashcat and me as aakash.
In SEPTEMBER 2007 we 6 started what was called war sitting later. something different about all of us.

YAD and expert damage god
Dragona the highest speed jin killer
Insanity the only 1 hitter DB
Ashcat the speedy Kat demon
spermseeker the war commander
and me the stunner Smile

Well that was just for like a month

then jess82 came by

Then started the time of mad Samji winning and famring for tickets

Insanity made all her gear 81%+ which at that time was smthing godly
I got dbs to 93% again a godly wep at that time
spermseeker got godly kat
Valena -The first Hs holder that played samji
Dragona-Earned alot and quit soon...
jess82 made 100m from samji!!
YAD moved on and kept pwning

and many more........

The Real samji sitting started by JANUARY 2008

The Realm of AlphaLubu
The scariest jin ever spotted in a war
well according to his times what he hit was a godly damage(3-4k) Smile
This was the Jin that made people in samji feel really hopeless against him

During this time samji was in a condition with just 5 fujin v/s 10 jins v/s 35+ guans

AS the GMs made patches for Guans 2x xp for like 2 months guan nub lvld to samji and stayed there for long

Under these conditions i must admit all fujin n jins temaed for guans and took samji

YAD was the only one who wouldnt do that

He would just roam like a god 1 hitting every 1 around with his spear

March 2008
I leveld out of samji and went lvl 102 and sat in samgok
After making the first ever lvl 95 gold kat Smile(still got it )
i made dustin as my samjier

When i entered Samji again wiht dustin in march
AlphaLubu was still a god

No one could 1 on 1 with him but fujins had started getting godly too

Fujins now had new sitter that were Taiko,TheMurderer,anarchyskull,Scarfac3

dustin soon leveld out of samji by mistake

the day that char leveled out i made up divorcee in 7 hrs to lvl 69

Then came the turn to samji

May-June 2008

Taiko was becoming the best samjier with him cs 11 84% kat he was nearly being called a god soon and could beat ALphLubu 1 on 1

Then came the entry of the Legendry Indra


with all his ap and stuff he was the first to stack hp exilirs a concept unknows to samjiers

he soon became the god of samji And fujins started to gang him up in vein

his regime on samji wanst for long as he got bopred and quitted soon

But as long as he stayed he was the fearfull god of samji

as soon as he quit Taiko got down his ap power and stacked hp exilirs too

The Realm of Taiko

With his hp exilirs and all cs 11- 12 stuff he came out to be a god of samji
his realm extends till this date.He was so feared as a god that perfy made fake videos of him stunning and got him banned for a while but that didnt help much either .Perfy the stun h4x user could stun him but still not kill

Taiko was the first to get a 200% bird in samji

And thus started the trend of pet using in samji

Fudoshin soon came by with more ap and made a better kat than Taiko Smile

but she quit game soon and i got her kat Smile

Taiko soon upgraded his stuff and took samji a step further

The realm of godl wepaons

This realm exists till date

Samji has over 25 gold weapons now

Also like every 1 has a high % pet now

my own char pwns with those alot these days Smile

The new Realm of samji is soon awaited..........

maybe it will begin with characters being shifterd to 12 sky 2

these days no one is a god
no one can garuntee a win in samji
Samji has gone to power mode and need gud gameplay and startegy to win

current samjiers pwning are now Andrew96,Taiko,Perfy,H4voc,divorcee,Fudoshin,Scarfac3 and many more

Samji will continue to change and change realms with time

**The End**

If i forgot on any other realm make me rememeber
please comment on the story
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PostSubject: Re: The Samji Island Story   Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:09 pm

Nice 1 div, full story up to date Smile

keep it up cheers
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PostSubject: Re: The Samji Island Story   Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:43 am

Wuhuu nice!!! I think that pretty much covers it all
Tho u can add few stuff like:

1) First pure fujin SI guild --> Azukay (Leader-> anarchyskull) March 2008
2) First Gold SI weapon ever --> Kimigami A.k.a Kurei (Enchanting done by SadistikLite) 108% cs9
3) First SI guild whose members had all rares --> GodzOfSamji

Last edited by Scarfac3 on Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:37 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: thnx scar   Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:05 am


the first point has answer


and 3rd has answer


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PostSubject: Re: The Samji Island Story   Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:32 am

=0 huh?

1) VIRUS guild leader was spermseeker rite? If so u know that she was M lvl, and most them in guild were close to or above 100 ! When i say pure SI i mean all characters in guild are lvl 69 (throughout the existence of guild). All of Azukay members were only for SI.

3) I was in Azukay for sometime and i can tell u not every1 had rares some of them didnt even have a single rare. But all the characters in the guild were below lvl 69 and they were alts of members in Guild Yakuza
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PostSubject: scar   Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:24 pm

u made it to SI later

VIRUS was the first samji guild

when spermseeker hit 70 she disbanded it Smile

she made it again at 100...

but first ever samji sitter guild was VIRUS

as for rares in Azukay so i dont know much i take u word on that Smile
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PostSubject: Better Story !   Tue May 03, 2011 4:51 pm

Hi samjier people ...
I just came here to say some stuff (i think you guys dont check this forum anymore) ... anyways

1- As you know i hate you Div (you was most selfish samjier ever , sometimes so respectful and sometimes super noob) but i still missed to fight with you and post after each samji at forums ...
2- I never was an pro/old samjier but i'm best samji lover at world lol and i made SI sitter for fun not being a GOD.
3- Heh ! Samji had lot of good fujin fighters , but you forgot others ...
4- I WILL WAIT FOR ALL OF YOU GUYZ AT MAYN TS1. of course i come for samji ... (and good thing is : there is no hacks !, so we can see who is real fighter)
5- lot of other thins i want to say but have no time xD

So i write name of some other samjiers here ... (maybe write some name wrong :p)
Wolfsfang,Rufups,Nitaro(me),Stinkerd,Ash0fTrash,Zackybish,Indrax1,Showoff(my friend) and that girl jin 1 hitter i dont remember name ...
I remember all that samjiers you said also as well.

I want you see you guys again , if you like you can join me at: also Smile
Regards (also to you Div lmao)
Nitaro Leader of (GuiltyGear) Guild - guan - devo of course :p

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PostSubject: Re: The Samji Island Story   

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The Samji Island Story
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